Mental Wellness Coaching

Mental Wellness Coaching Program

Not all mental unrest requires a long series of psychotherapeutic interventions.

The purpose of this coaching program is to mentor you. We want you to experience optimum mental wellness and resilience. We want you to achieve your goals and thrive.

You know that you are physically well by certain biological markers like your blood pressure, white blood cell count or even by taking your body temperature.

Our Mental wellness coaching program gives you what those markers are for your mental health so can be certain you have a resilient robust mental health. This program gives you a structure for the rest of your life.

The absence of mental illness isn’t a reflection of a thriving mind.

Physical wellness is more than the absence of pain; it is the same for your mental health.

Your mental wellness is not the absence of symptoms of depression or anxiety. There are specific signs that show your mind is not only well but is thriving!

This program will answer these questions:

  1. What is mental wellness?
  2. What are the signs of mental wellness?
  3. How do I improve my mental health?
  4. What can I do to maintain my mental wellness?

Our ability to flow through presence, awareness, insight (life-lessons) decision-making, and action plans are clues to our mental wellbeing. When we are mentally thriving, our actions are purposeful, meaningful, or intentional. Our behaviors are an extension of our non-judgmental presence. We implement the actions in full awareness. We act on life lessons (or insights), and conscious decisions.

However, we commonly act from skewed perceptions, being detached from our present moment experiences. This version of living is a hit-and-miss approach that brings a hit-and-miss outcome.

Important Questions and Answers

Is mental wellness coaching like therapy?
No. Mental wellness coaching is not psychotherapy. Although it is structured to your specific goals like psychotherapy; we don’t process deep lived experience like trauma injury or childhood events.
How long are the appointments?
You meet with your coach for 45-60 minutes appointments.
Where do the appointments take place?
You meet with Sophie in-person or using video-conferencing platform (SimplePractice).
How much do the appointments cost?
Each appointment is charged $90.
(The program isn’t psychotherapy so your insurance will not be billed)
How do I make an appointment?
Call Sophie Archibald at (801) 923-3290.
How often do we meet?
We typically meet once a month so you have enough time to implement new skills, meet your goals and report your experience. If you want to meet more often, we can.